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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Consumer rights/ Osgood memorial

I got home today to find a huge heavy box sitting in the middle of the room. Goddamn it was the first thing that entered my mind. I asked the bloody trader to inform me about my options once my defect product was received and examined, damn it! I was very very annoyed - he had sent it back (repaired or goodness knows what else) without informing me. I was wondering about what to do next, when fortunately KH came out of the blue to save me

KH: Distance selling laws man.. 7 days return policy, they have to accept a refund by law.
Me: Well, in my case it was a defect, do you know what they have to say about defect goods?
KH: I believe that if its within 30 days, they have to do something about it.
Me: Heh, they even have to return my postage fee!
KH: Its law. So if they don't do anything about it you can complain to the relevant people and scare the shit out of them. Just say that, 'according to distance selling regulations, aren't i entitled to this?' Take down their name and direct number, and they won't dare to mess with you when they know you know the law. You win :)

Aye aye. How often do we forget our consumer rights? Or rather, how often do we actually realise that we HAVE consumer rights?

So there we go. I am going to call and try to talk politely and get them to take back the defect product, and make them pay for the postage TWICE. (that's once for the return of the defect product, and the second because they decided to go ahead with their own bloody stupid decision, and I intend to change that)

Anyhoo, I was walking past Stamford Bridge and couldn't help but notice the little shrine/ memorial that was set up outside in memory of Osgood.


  • Heh. That's the good thing for going out with a lawyer. Rob writes my complaints and I usually get my money back. Except for stupid water company that charged me more than they should have and still won't refund my money.

    By Blogger Kat, at Friday, March 03, 2006 12:18:00 pm  

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