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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tiring of Food

Lately I've been very clueless as to what I want to eat for dinner; thinking of what to cook has never been more challenging for my unexcited palate. For example its been rather routine stir fries for the past few days. You know, firstly defrosting the meat in the microwave and hoping that the food doesn't get cooked in the process. Followed by starting the wok, tossing in the garlic and perhaps some shallots in, then maybe adding some leeks or something. Then add the meat, add some soy sauce, oyster sauce, some cooking wine and herbs and what not.

I grew bored.

Hence the visit to La Pascale. I got squid, escargots, a pork shank, crab, and some random bits and pieces. I finished all that within 48 hours. So I turned to deep frying (buying food from outside is just too expensive). Or well, tried to. My hob's out and I have a temporary one which deep shallow fries you food to an unbelievable sogginess because its not hot enough to give you a nice crisp. Deep fried chicken? Check. Deep fried chicken with lemon? Done that. Deep fried chicken with belacan (some fermented shrimp thingajig)? Been there. Deep fried pork? And so on.

I got bored. Again.

So I went to Marks & Spencers. I bought some frozen battered cod, a bag of frozen potato rostis and another bag of scampi, in addition to other bits and pieces. That has been dinner for the past three days, and I'm so sick of it. I went to Sainsbury's earlier to replenish supplies and I didn't feel like buying anything, except for a sandwich to satiate my hunger. It's that bad. It took me three hours of stomach protest before I grudgingly defrosted some pork to deep, I mean shallow, fry again.

I need to discover something new and cheap (relatively speaking) fast! *fires up food blogs for some simple inspiration*. Buying food from the outside is expensive, I've got a hole in my wallet (and literally too, what an omen! but my wallet is too precious to me to let go of. Need to repair!).

At least dinner is taken care of tomorrow. Four Seasons roast duck owns! I also think that a visit to either Tooting (to search for Indian supplies) or SoHo (for more Oriental inspirations) should take place soon. If only that I won't be busy setting up for the photography exhibition this weekend. Urgh.


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