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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Nando's tried to kill me

After quite a long lull in which I barely ate anything really spicy at all, I made probably one of the worst impromptu decisions of mine in a while: to have Nando's chicken, with extra hot peri-peri sauce. Oops. The consumption process was fine; I relished in having something spicy in my stomach after quite a while. I didn't even need to drink anything at all; my mouth could take it all in.

Unfortunately my stomach didn't quite agree. I spent the majority of the late evening in the toilet: water was leaving my body through the incorrect orifice with terrifying frequency; it was FlamingAnus (TM) and LackOfSleep(TM) all over again. Fortunately I regained some form of control over the night and managed to get some sleep; but I still spent 3/4 s of Friday sleeping and the other 1/4 mostly bedridden (with a good portion of the rest of it on the porcelain throne again). Appetite was restricted to water (to replenish the fluids getting lost via DeathByDehydration(TM) but this probably only exarberated the problem in the initial stages), Milo (that's some hot chocolate thingajig for those of you with the blur look on the face) for nutrients, and some plain porridge in the initial recovery stages.

The good news (or otherwise, depending on your opinion of me) is that I'm now mostly alright; I just got home after going out for 9 hours without any stomach problems (the rest wanted to have Nando's, believe it or not! I had to steer them towards some non spicy food for dinner at Queensway before I had another repeat of the incident) and a hearty appetite.


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