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Friday, April 21, 2006

Mark Gerrish

Feeling rather bored while walking home today, I thought that I would give an old friend of mine a call. I had not talked with him since the last time I dropped by my old place during Christmas.

'Hello G! How are you? This is Patrick here'
'Why hello young man! Its been a bit of time since I've last heard from you!'
'Yup, sorry but I've been really busy. XXXXXXX is a killer place you know...'
'By the way, have you heard the news about Mark?'

Mark & G are friends of mine and the two were best buddies. I didn't know Mark very well, but we always had little conversations whenever I bumped into him.

'Nope I don't think I have! Anything good?'
'Well Mark is dead'

I was almost floored and paused for a second, wondering if I heard correctly. 'Sorry, could you repeat that?'

'Mark's dead now, he got hit and run.' I paused again to digest this bit of unexpected and shocking news.
'Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry!(yes, I really was) When did that happen?'
'It happened around eight weeks ago now. I wondered whether I should have told you about it.'
Of course you should have I thought to myself. Arghhhhh!! But it was not an appropriate time to say anything.

He continued on: 'He was cycling around when a car hit him and ran off. He just got engaged with his girlfriend and were going to shop for an engagement ring in the evening.'

My mouth went dry and I felt really bad that I was outdated on something like this. Such a shame that tragedy had to strike him on what would have otherwise been one of the happiest days of his life. (Even my most eloquent words can't do justice to what I feel so I shan't bother trying, but rest assured that my 'empty' words here are not the case in reality).

RIP Mark Gerrish, old chap. I'm sure that you're up there somewhere.

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p.s. I am extremely appalled that the person (people?) responsible for this crime have still not been brought to justice. Get him and make the nitwit (I refrain from using harsher words from the plethora of foul language at my disposal out of respect to Mark) pay. To say that am I jumping hopping mad is an understatement.