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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bloody connection

My connection has been severely fucked up the past few days, as those of you who have me on MSN probably have realised by now. Occassionally the network exchange goes down for a couple of hours; really a minor annoyance but nothing fatal.

Over the past few days however, I noticed my connection would be down for a couple of hours a day. Perhaps the fault has always been there but I would be spending huge chunks of my day out of my room, so I did not notice it.

Anyhow, I lodged a complaint with building management. I was informed that the superior received the complaint, so I figured maybe things would get sorted out quick. Wrong. My line has been down from yesterday afternoon. I would get something like 10 minutes of inactivity followed by a brief window of a single minute to get anything I wanted done. My Internet traffic bar shows no download activity at all. Shit. At first I thought that the problem would last for a couple of hours, but the problem has persisted until at this very moment, 12.45am on Sunday.

I'm not expecting anything to get done until Tuesday at earliest. Its a Bank Holiday weekend ffs!! I feel bad about being pissed off like this (its Resurrection Sunday today!), but I have one more assignment to complete and I need to utilize on-line resources to help with my revision as the exams draw to a start next Monday. Grrrrr.


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