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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My mobile malfunctioned

I'm annoyed. I already have so many things to do, and to add to my woes, my mobile phone malfunctions on me. How did this happen?

I left the V3 on my my desk overnight; the battery ran out, so I plugged it into the charger, tried starting it, but I only got a flicker from the keypad. Annoyed, I unplug the charger, plugged it back, and tried to switch it on a second time; I got an electronic sizzle instead. Oops! Dammitttttttttt!!!!!

I noted that the battery cover had signs of a liquid. Opening it, the back of the cover had some creamy whitish substance that had a metallic smell to it *doesn't want to imagine the perverted thoughts running through everyone's minds*.

The battery looked alright, weirdly. However, the SIM card has burn marks on it (it still works though), with signs of burning in the SIM card slot (not on the contacts though).

The particular spot on the desk where the phone was left overnight was examined; there was traces of liquid there. I have no idea as to whether it was some water which happened to be there previously, or whether it is chemical residue. If I am not mistaken, a burnt SIM card is not characteristic of a water-influenced short circuit.

Can anyone advise me as to whether it could be an(accidental) liquid damage or rather, a battery leak?

The people at the phone shop where I got it from don't know, and I am reluctant to send it in to them in case they charge me if it were not a genuine technical problem (warranty; also my accidental damage insurance policy is not with them).

Bah, and I'm supposed to go away on holiday next week?


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