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Monday, June 20, 2005

MBT update: 3 weeks

It has been almost three weeks since I have started using MBT shoes, completing the one-hour-a-day-for-the-first-week breaking in period.

Hazard Alert: These shoes are liabilities when going down tiny (read: small contact point between shoe and stair, in comparison with the total surface area of the shoe) staircases, as I found out when I slipped one rung going down one such staircase with a cuppa of latte balanced on a tray with one hand. Thank God that I managed somehow to regain my balance and avoid injury (and embarassment!) with nothing more than a loud thud as I regained my footing.

I attribute this due to the shifted pivot point of the MBT shoes (my weight would be focused on the centre of the shoe, not at the heel of the shoe, as in conventional shoes which would have kept me stable otherwise.)

Okay, I think I'll just illustrate it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There you go. Now you know what I'm on about. If you don't let me explain briefly: The pivot point of conventional ('ordinary' shoes) is towards the heel, thus helping with balance going down the stairs. However, the pivot is towards the centre of the MBTs, and if that point is hanging in mid-air, it is easy to fall over.


Walking with these shoes is now a normal routine. The differences between walking in MBTs and my Timberlands can be felt. However, I am not comfortable with the idea of wearing the MBTs for a full day outing / holidays: I am capable of partically non stop standing and walking for extended periods of time (my record was over 13 hours, with a total break of under 1 hour) and usually am at the point of collapse during those uber-outings; I feel that the MBTs will be a liability in these situations.


I have tried the MBTs on while running on the treadmill. The soles of my feet feel more natural upon contact when compared with my Asics; however the Asics will remain as the main workhorse (simply because I paid an almost similar price for it for exclusive use while running), although I am certain the MBTs would probably be more beneficial in the long run.


Rumours are the MBTs are supposed to give a better 'feel' while driving. To be confirmed.

Posture & Toning:

Too early to tell, and I doubt I will ever really notice. Simply because I press weights with my legs regularly and am doing correctional stretching to improve my posture.


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